Don't be road kill, be ROAD KOOL!

It’s hot out there on the job site! Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are serious risks to any outdoor workers. These conditions can sneak up on a crew if not given the opportunity to take a short break. You need a Mobile Cooling Trailer for your crew. If you need a heat relief station, or a safety station, out on the job site then call Road Kool for a solution. We can provide you with heat relief trailers that are mobile cooling stations and our safety trailers really help by providing a mobile cooling solution to reduce the risk of heat stroke and provide a comfortable place to get out of the sun, heat and/or wind. So whether you call them mobile cooling stations, heat relief stations, safety stations, mobile cooling trailers, heat relief trailers, safety trailers or just call them a little bit of heaven on the hot job site - we keep you Road Kool - not Road Kill.